About us

We are a full-service digital marketing firm dedicated to providing strategy and implementation services for businesses looking to get more out of the Internet. Whether you want to enter today’s world of two-way conversations with your audiences or you want to pump up your existing website and social media, we can help.

We serve clients around the United States and across industries. We work with everyone from clean energy start-ups to well established offline businesses looking to market online. What our clients have in common is that they are run by leaders who care just as much about community, giving back, and listening to their customers as they do about making money. They are all on a mission to make this world a better place in their own way. And they all see that the Internet is a powerful tool that can help skyrocket their businesses. They just aren’t always sure how to use this tool.

Irakli Gagua start the Web Frame Design in 2000, to fill the need for Internet marketing that connected people with other people. Together, we bring more than 40 years experience in communicating, writing, and designing.
We are based in beautiful Glendale, California, a revived historic town known for its creativity. From the heart of the Shenandoah Valley we offer personal service and personally serve up fresh ideas about what works.
How do we do it? We listen to what our clients want, we learn what they’ve done so far, and then we explore with them what might help bring more people into their sphere. We do this through social media marketing, search engine optimization, website design and conversion, content marketing, blog design and development, training, consulting, and speaking. If it’s about reaching people, we do it.